Friday, December 2, 2011

Bratenella's painting station

Painting away like a little elf :)

This is my little paint "station" in my studio.  I like to have a small space to work on something and be able to leave it out to dry or make it easy to play with an idea, then go back to work on sewing.
Some of my favorite things at my paint station are:
1-That's not a cup of milk or iced's my paint  I love this cup, don't ask me why.  One day I took it out of the kitchen to rinse my brushes and now I can't paint without it.
2- I use paper plates for my paint palette.  I never remember to wash them, so a white paper plate allows me to just toss it when I'm done.
3- This is one of my favorite paintings.  I was inspired to paint this because my cats really sleep like this on their kitty bed.  I just can't part with the original.
4- This is my Bratenella logo.  It's me with my four "babies".  They are really my inspiration for art.  The first real painting that started Bratenella was of my cat.  I've been drawing them since I was little.  I've had siamese cats my whole life.  And I can't really have anything else now, because they're amazing little creatures and my cats have to match. :)
5-  This is tea cup flower pot.  I love putting stuff in flower pots because they're pretty and functional. 
6- My own mixture of paint for skintones.
7- Glaze.  LOVE the glaze.  It's my go to item.
8- A Bratenella elf that I made and couldn't part with.  She watched over all of the Christmas ornament painting this year. 

Having things around that I love to look at or mean something special to me....keeps me inspired.  I'm so thankful to have a space where I can feel like a kid :)